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Title: Promotion of the Library and Its Services : An Analytical Review
Authors: Wan Emelyn Wan Mat Ali
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Abstract: Malay manuscripts which are inherited from generations past, represent an important part of the cultural wealth of the Malay people, embodying their thinking and culture, and are recognized as well as accepted as the documentary heritage of the nation. Manuscripts residing in the homes of individuals are sometimes inaccessible for tracing and documentation and present a challenge in building a comprehensive database. There is also an urgent need to conduct a study and transliterate Malay manuscripts as it is written in old Malay language. Information and communication technology enables manuscript to be accessed globally. Institutions are therefore urged to collaborate in implementing digitization projects at regional level. Cooperation is also welcomed in areas of preservation of non-paper based manuscripts. It is envisaged that regional cooperation will endorse the significance of Malay manuscripts and affirm its place as an. important source of research and information in the dawn of a new era.
ISSN: 0127-1172
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