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Title: Pendidikan Perpustakaan Di Malaysia Masa Kini: Arah Haluan Dan Masa Depannya
Authors: Zawiyah Mohamad Yusof
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Abstract: Library training in Malaysia began in 1957 when Specialist Teacher's Training Institute offered training to school teachers. However, the needs in producing middle level librarians urged the establishment of Dept. of Library Science at MARA Institute of Technology in 1963, Later, the establishment of a number of universities caused shortage in library manpower thus prompted library training at degree level locally. However, not until Mac 1,1990, library education in Malaysia was still moulded by traditional librarians hip. The year 1990 marked a shift in paradigm in library education when Universiti Utara Malaysia offered programme in information technology. This urged the existing library schools to review their curriculum. The establishment of Faculty of Information Science and Technology at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in October 1994 had brought new era in library education in Malaysia due to the diverse array of subjects offered in both Information Science and Information Technology.
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