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Title: Pusat Sumber Hipermedia: Pendedahan Asas Teknologi Komputer kepada Kanak-kanak
Authors: Katrun Nada Hj. Hashim
Norita Zainal Md. Nor
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Abstract: Children are exposed to information technology at an early age through the Hypermedia Centre. While getting to know how to use information technology, it also provides an opportunity to interact with the computer and to inculcate all effective and pleasurable reading habit. The computer can be an effective learning instrument in the teaching of reading methods. The services in the Hypermedia Centre encourage creativity and innovativeness in the minds of young children. The information provided can be essential reference tool for children, besides books.
ISSN: 0127-1172
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