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Title: Perkaitan Pemberontakan PRRI (Pemerintahan Revolusioner Republik Indonesia) ke atas Hubungan Tanah Melayu - Indonesia, 15 Februari 1958 - 5 Oktober 1961
Authors: Kunaseelan a/l Muniandy
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia
Abstract: This paper examines the extent to which a local Indonesian rebellion, the Pemberontakan Pemerintahan Revolusioner Republik Indonesia, affected Indonesian- Malayan relations in the period just after Malaya's independence from Britain and before the formation of Malaysia. The paper begins with a discussions of the causes of the rebellion, which broke out in Sumatra in 1958 during the administration of President Sukarno. Malaya's response to the rebellion is also examined in detail. The paper then focuses on the Indonesian Government's accusations against Malaya"- that it aided the rebels and provided political asylum to some of them. The Malayan Government under Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, denied these accusations. Relations between the two countries also worsened because of smuggling activities by the rebels in order to raise funds for their rebellion. Indonesia strongly opposed these smuggling activities and accused Malaysia of aiding the rebels. The paper ends with a discussion of how the matter was resolved amicably, through negotiations and an armistice. The themes of conflict and cooperation in the Malayan-Indonesian relationship are clearly manifested in their reactions to the PRRI rebellion. Fortunately, cooperation between them eventually triumphed over conflict in this incident.
ISSN: 0377-7529
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