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dc.contributor.authorMerced, Briccio M. Jr.-
dc.contributor.authorFranco, Merliza T.-
dc.descriptionThis paper was presented at the Conference CONSAL XVI held from 11-13 June 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.en_US
dc.description.abstractTechnostress is a modern disease of adaptation affecting workers caused by an inability to cope with the new computer technologies in a healthy manner. Coping levels of 57 academic librarians is determined using their responses to 3 sets of questionnaires on customized personal profile, Ragu-Nathan’s technostressors, and Lazarus’ coping mechanism, which were all highly-validated at 4.14. Means and Pearson r reveal low levels from overload, invasion, complexity, insecurity, and uncertainty; and, moderate levels in confrontive coping, distancing, self-controlling, seeking social support, accepting responsibility, escape-avoidance, planful problem solving, and positive reappraisal. Significant relationship exists between techno-stressors and coping mechanism, with academic librarians practicing positive reappraisal coping. In order to mitigate technostressors, library heads are urged to regularly conduct seminars and workshops on accepting responsibility, escape-avoidance, self-controlling, confrontive, and distancing coping; and, organize technology-based training.en_US
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dc.publisherThe Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL)en_US
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dc.titleTechnostressors and the Coping Mechanism of Academic Librarians in Davao City, Philippinesen_US
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