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Title: Nurturing Information Literacy Among Tech Savvy Youths in Singapore
Authors: Pek, Sara
Wan, Wee Pin
Tan, Gene
Keywords: Information Literacy
Born Digital
SURE Campaign
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2015
Publisher: The Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL)
Abstract: Today's youth is immersed in media-rich environment with many and varied types of information. Teenagers are embracing the online world as a way of life. They are being characterized as “tech savvy,” or “born digital”. Their social interest, vulnerability to online misinformation and high use of the Internet bring about new information literacy (IL) demands. In 2013, the National Library Board launched the IL initiative, known as S.U.R.E. campaign for the nation. The campaign aims to promote the importance of information discernment among the Singaporeans, especially, students, parents and educators. To make the term, information literacy easy for the man-in-the-street to understand, the key concepts were distilled into a simple tagline: Source, Understand, Research, Evaluate (S.U.R.E.) There are two aspects of IL outreach in schools: (1) inside classroom and (2) outside classroom. For outreach inside classroom: collaboration with the Ministry of Education has enabled IL concepts to be incorporated into secondary history and geography syllabus and primary social studies textbooks, which are compulsory subjects in schools and conducting IL workshops for teachers. Training the teacher has great benefits – it has a multiplier effect of opportunities to impart IL knowledge to students during lessons. For outreach outside classroom: an enrichment programme, known as S.U.R.E. club was introduced in the secondary schools. Students earn rewards and points based on the Ministry of Education’s Co-Curricular Activities framework after completing information literacy-related projects and tasks. Training and self-directed content – such as infographics, video, comics, elearning coursewares, cheatsheets and handbooks – for teachers and parents respectively are put in place to help them teach information literacy skills to their students and children. There are also interactive content such as online quizzes and engagement via social media channels. This paper will share on the activities, workshops, events, collaboration and resources developed to raise the awareness of and create better understanding of IL to the target audience. It will also highlight a pilot programme to encourage information discovery and inquiry, in line with the Singapore secondary history curriculum.
Description: This paper was presented at the General Conference, Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL) XVI held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 11-13th June 2015.
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