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Title: 10 Years’ Experience of Stang Mongkolsuk Donation Center
Authors: Nichadapa Achariyasuja
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2015
Publisher: The Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL)
Abstract: Stang Mongkolsuk Donation Center was established in 2004 as a part of Stang Mongkolsuk Library at Faculty of Science, Mahidol University. The reasons of establishment were: 1) the overwhelming amount of books and journals donated to the library 2) the requests for donated books and journals from alumni who became faculty members in schools or colleges in rural areas throughout the country. There were 4 regular tasks of Stang Mongkolsuk Donation Center, i.e. 1) Receiving Process: to receive used/new print materials from individuals or organizations, select the appropriate materials, and record the donation statistics 2) Giving Process: to accept the requests from individuals or organizations via letters or e-mails, select the appropriate materials, record the title lists, reply to the correspondence letters, and give materials to the requesters. The requesters came and pick up the materials by oneself, or otherwise, asked for transportation system 3) Routine and Special Activities: to cooperate with other donation groups / organizations for non-book materials such as CDs, toys, sports apparatus, and new calendars 4) Customer Communications: to communicate with the donors or the requesters via phone, letters, E-mail, and Facebook. All news and events of the donation center were shown on the website at The overall statistics of the donation center during 2004-2013 were as follows: a total of 128,662 items received (96,234 books and 32,428 journals) from 403 individual donors, 37 organizational donors. The value of new print materials donated by book publishers were approximately 862,536 Thai baht. A total of 88,384 items given away (67,042 books and 21,342 journals) to 147 organizational requesters and 3 individual requesters. From 10 years’ experience of Stang Mongkolsuk Donation Center, the most obvious advantage was to help a lot of schools and colleges in rural areas that lack of resources. It was shown that corporate social responsibility (CSR) was a good way for academic libraries to help their own country. However, there were some difficulties and obstacles occurred e.g. the very poor physical condition of some donated printed materials, the misunderstanding of donors about location and place because there were several campuses in this university, the misunderstanding of donors about opening hours of the Center, and the travel inconvenience of some requesters who came from rural areas.
Description: This paper was presented at the General Conference, Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL) XVI held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 11-13th June 2015.
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