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Title: Indexing In Malay World Studies data-Base: Some Chritical Roles Of Resource Centers In The Context Of Knowledge Work And Knowledge Worker
Authors: Ding, Choo Ming, Dr.
Keywords: indexing system
Malay studies
in-house databases
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia
Abstract: Construction of databases, designing search engines and interfaces, offering access and links, are no longer the monopoly of major online services or database publishers. Advances in technology are now allowing greater subject access along side with improvements in scanning hardware and software and imaging technology has made visual access to digital materials more common Adopting the power and capabilities of such technology, ATMA (acronym for the Institute of Alam dan tamadun Melayu) has constructed in-house databases on Malay world studies since April 1999, mimicking the major online databases to offer scholars and researchers a collection of materials that can meet their needs. There are now three databases, namely (i) Single Articles on Malay World Studies, (ii) Malay Proverbs and (iii) Pantun, Shair and Dondang Sayang of Malaysian Baba accessible in Another two databases are under construction: Adat Perpatih and Malay Architecture. All these and others will be integrated to form a portal called, built with a grant from DAGS (Demonstrator Application Grant Scheme). Now scholars and researchers all over the world are able to enjoy customized information and document retrieval related to the Malay world studies for the first time. Due to copyright problem, we cannot offer full-text services to all the materials as yet. All research centers, including special libraries and resource centers are under constant pressure to provide a quality service in order to prove their worth with the rising expectations of researchers who have come to expect high quality products and recognized standard of control, after using large databases, both on-line and CD-ROM in other fields. The cut back in public funding is forcing us to provide the best customer care in order to stay. The speed and economy achieved in creating databases are paid for by users in time and effort saved. With the increase in end-user searching, search results may be questioned in terms of their relevance, value for money and precision. In short, quality service is our life and blood. But, online searches can falter on the strangest of obstacles: the connection breaks, the login procedure is changed, the password is not valid, the search statement is too long, the manual does not give the help one needs, the users cannot search on certain fields not provided for. These problems accumulate when several online systems are used, the search language and commands are different, the structure of the databases varies. Constant evaluation is thus necessary in terms of limitations in content, lack of reliability and accuracy of data. As mistake and problem can occur at each stage in database building, thus dedication, care, institutional support, among many other critical factors are vital to information workers to perform and deliver their services.
ISSN: 0127-1172
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